Swim Class

Progressive Swim
The YMCA stands at the forefront of swimming instruction of children. Children and parents like the YMCA Swim Lesson program because it starts with those skills that children are ready to learn. They are able to succeed often, which helps them build self-confidence, and they enjoy learning swimming, water safety, and water sports skills. Most importantly, however, children in the program have a great time learning how to swim and make new friends.

Parent & Me (Infant-2 year olds)

This is an introduction to the aquatic environment for parents and their children. Parents learn basic aquatic safety and have a positive experience with their children. Children learn basic skills and have fun playing with toys and floatation devices. As the children get older, they do more independent exploration of the aquatic environment with the help of their parents. The program provides opportunities for parent/child teams to socialize with each other. At this point, the instructor begins to prepare the children to work directly with an instructor on their own. Parents learn methods of working with their young ones to encourage water adjustment, self confidence, safety, and fun in the pool. One adult must accompany each child. Tight fitting plastic pants or swim diapers are required in the pool.

Level 1:  (Ages 3-5) 
For children who cannot swim by themselves, who have never had lessons before or who are fearful of the water.  Main Skills Taught: bubble blowing, supported front and back glide, kicking movements and introduction to arm movements. 
1-5 student to teacher ratio.

Level 2:  (Ages 3-5)
Main Skills Taught: Unsupported front and back floating, front and back gliding, paddle stroke and bobbing with a full introduction to over-arm front crawl, kicking on back and back crawl.
1-5 student to teacher ratio.

Level 3:  (Ages 6-14)
Main Skills Taught: Children who are fearful of the water, or who have not had any swim ming lessons.  Bubble blowing and going underwater, front and back float, kicking movements and introduction to beginner stroke. 
1-5 student to teacher ratio.

Level 4:  (Ages 6-14)
 Main Skills Taught:  Over-arm front crawl and back crawl for 10 yards. Jumping into deep water and swimming to other side of pool.
1-6 student to teacher ratio.

Level 5:  (Ages 6-14)
Main Skills Taught: Side breathing for front crawl. Review and refinement  for front and back crawl for 25 yards, introduction to elementary backstroke, introduction to kneeling dive.
1-6 student to teacher ratio.

Level 6:  (Ages 6-14)
Main Skills Taught:  Breast stroke, side stroke, butterfly kick, standing dive, treading water, continued refinement of all strokes to 50 yards.
1-6 student to teacher ratio.

Level 7:  (Ages 6-14)
Mail Skills Taught:  Refinement of all strokes, butterfly stroke, shallow dives and flip turns, endurance swimming 100 yards most strokes, treading water 2 minutes, ending with a 300 yard swim.
1-6 student to teacher ratio.

Private Swim Lessons
Private lessons give individuals 4 and up an opportunity to work in a one-on-one setting with an instructor who fits their needs. Participants get a chance to improve endurance and technique in a more personal atmosphere.

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