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Giving at the YMCA
Every day we see many faces of need within the Pomona Valley area. Children are in need of safe and affordable before and after school care that deepens their motivation to learn. Some children need youth sports and other healthy programs to combat childhood obesity, and all children need programs like day camp to offer the thrill of meeting a new friend or developing a new skill. Teens need positive role models and engaging activities during critical periods when good choices must prevail over bad. Our seniors must not be forgotten. They need affordable opportunities for stimulating activities and socialization. Most of all, our families need a healthy place to belong and grow in spirit, mind and body.


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How Donations are Used
The YMCA provides the hope and promise of fulfilling these needs and more. Your gifts make a difference by keeping the YMCA “Open to All” regardless of financial circumstances. 1 out of 5 YMCA participants receive financial assistance for YMCA programs or services. With your help, the YMCA is able to state that “NO ONE WILL BE TURNED AWAY FOR THE INABILITY TO PAY!”

  • Provide children in need with quality before and after-school care   
  • Send children to summer camp who otherwise may not have afforded such an opportunity
  • Teach children who could not otherwise participate sports skills and the value of being a team player
  • Lower the membership fees of families and individuals in need allowing them to benefit from the Christian community found at the YMCA
  • Provide financially challenged adults and seniors a place to exercise and socialize, improving their quality of life

$10/month  Builds self-confidence by providing swim lessons and safety programs for two children in our community.

$25/month Makes it possible for one child to attend summer day camp, with life-enriching activities such as sporting activities, arts and crafts and a variety of other field trips introducing them to new experiences.

$50/month Allows one team of kids to learn skills, sportsmanship and teamwork through participation in Y youth sports or can allow one senior adult living on a fixed income access to the Y.

$100/month Enables a child to attend a YMCA after-school program for a year, a chance to make new friends and strengthen values.

Opportunities to Give
Every gift makes a difference and is 100% Tax Deductible since the YMCA is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Those interested in giving can:

Capital Campaigns
As our community grows, so must our YMCA. You can help by supporting our capital campaigns.  Many individuals look to their YMCA's to provide a place to develop healthier lifestyles.  The YMCA of Pomona Valley welcomes the opportunity to address these needs. To provide effective service, each of our 4 branches requires regular repairs, improvements and expansions. Capital gifts are an essential component in our ability to deliver quality service.

How Donations are Used
Our Capital Campaigns fund allow for renovations of existing facilities. This enables the YMCA to provide the programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all in Pomona, Diamond Bar and Walnut.

Endowments/Planned Giving
Would you like to honor a friend or a loved one?  Would you like your family name to live on in perpetuity?  Would you like to give more than you can currently afford?  YMCA Endowment Funds are a gift to create an everlasting family legacy for future generations. A gift through planned giving can be an ideal way to realize your larger charitable objectives.  Endowments and Planned Giving ensure the continued service of our YMCA.

How Donations are Used
Endowment Funds provide a stable source of income to ensure that the YMCA continues its mission for future generations.  Proceeds from the principal can be unrestricted in use or designated for a specific purpose or to an individual branch.  These funds pay out interest every year, in both good and difficult times.  All YMCA Endowment investments are carefully managed by professional investment advisors under the direction of the Board of Directors.

Endowments Are Used To:

  • Enhance current programs
  • Provide financial assistance for programs and/or member fees
  • Begin new programs
  • Improve or maintain YMCA branches

Endowments ($10,000 or more for new)
Establishment of a new endowment begins with a minimum gift of $10,000. Donations of lesser amounts can be added to an existing endowment. Endowment Fund Donors are recognized as members of the Heritage Club.  Unless anonymity is desired, Heritage Club member's names are recognized prominently in the Annual Report, on the books and records of the YMCA and are permanently acknowledged on the donor wall in the YMCA lobbies.

Outright Gifts (any amount)
A direct gift of cash, stocks, appreciated securities or real estate properties may be the most convenient way to contribute.

Bequests (any amount)
A gift to the YMCA identified in your will allows you to retain all your assets during your lifetime and/or the lifetime of your spouse.

Life Insurance (any amount)
When the added protection of an insurance policy is no longer needed, transferring the policy's ownership or purchasing a policy with the YMCA as beneficiary may be an affordable option.

Charitable Trusts (any amount)
Establish a charitable trust and/or annuity with income or principle designated to the YMCA.